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Girls Player Development

Girls Player Development Guides

The following Girls Player Development Guides are a resource to help explain the Girls Player Development process and what is available to players at each birth year.

The structure of USA Hockey’s National Girls Player Development Camps allows for further development of our girls 18U player pool, support of our long-term development model and it allows for a 17% increase in the number of girls who have the opportunity to participate at the National level. Given the value that is placed on our National District Tryout process and its significance to district and national decisions about which players advance to USA Hockey National Camps, we have a responsibility to allow all district tryouts to take place before finalizing every allotment to our three national camps (Girls 18U Select Player Development Camp, Girls 18U Player Development Camp, and the Girls 15 Player Development Camp).

However, in order to streamline the communication surrounding selections, avoid confusion about the notification process, and provide families with as much advanced notice as possible for planning purposes, USA Hockey has implemented a National Notification Timeline. This approach will enable USA Hockey to notify the majority of players on targeted dates built into the district tryout calendar.

That being said, some players may not be notified until the last of the twelve district tryouts are complete. With the final tryout ending on June 16th and the first National Camp starting on June 24th, USA Hockey will attempt to confirm as many spots to our National Development Camps as early as possible within the National Notification Timeline (while simultaneously leaving space for any potential candidates in the final district tryouts).

We thank you in advance for your patience with this process. By using a National Notification Timeline, the advantages are two-fold:

We improve our ability to communicate transparently (and alleviate confusion among players and parents) and we can ensure we have properly placed all 462 players who earn the opportunity to advance to one of USA Hockey's three girls’ National Development Camps.

For additional questions, please contact:

Jane Solverson
Girls'/Women's Representative


Please contact Jane Solverson, Southeastern District Girls/Women's Representative at

2018 USAH Girls National Camp Selections

Congratulations to the 2018 USAH National Camp Selectees!

Annika Paletzki 2001 Defense
Julia Blitz 2001 Forward
Gwen Eichfeld 2002 Defense
Meagan Byrum 2002 Forward
Ellie DeCarlo 2002 Forward
Molly Pedone 2002 Forward
Sydney Wegner 2002 Forward
Makayla Javier 2003 Defense
Victoria Munger 2003 Defense
Elizabeth Perry 2003 Defense
Ruby Wilson-Olivo 2003 Defense
Ellie DeCarlo 2002 Forward
Emma Fairclough 2003 Forward
Abigail Flanagan 2003 Forward
Nicole Godoy 2003 Forward
Mary Rachel Lenaeus 2003 Forward
Mariya Rauf 2003 Forward
Hannah Rodgers 2003 Forward

2018 USAH Girls Select U18 Camp Selection

Congratulations to Lacey Eden for being selected to the USA Hockey Girls Select U18 Camp!