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Player/Coach Forms

Claim Form - the injured person (parent/guardian) should complete the form and forward to their local association for verification the injury occurred in a sanctioned event. All medical bills and primary insurance Explanation of Benefits forms must be included for the claim to be processed. The Claim Form is available from your local association registrar.

Registration Confirmation Page - online registration confirmation receipt, proof of current membership. Confirmation pages must be provided to the association in order to complete an individual's registration. It is necessary for every association in which an individual participates to process or "claim" the member in order to maintain member benefits (insurance) for activities in that association. To obtain another copy of a confirmation page, go to There is a link under Member Options to "Request An Additional Registration Confirmation." Enter the member's last name, date of birth and zip code to regenerate the confirmation page.

Written Transfer

(Canada or International) – Required for all non-U.S. citizens under the age of 18 and all females.

For more information on Written Transfers, please click here.

Please contact your local association registrar for the appropriate transfer form.

*All forms can be found under Resources.

Note: Per the National Office, please refrain from posting the USA Hockey Waiver form, the IMR (Individual Membership Registration form), or the Claim Form on any website.