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2022 Sunday Game Selections

Sunday Game Player Selections will be posted on this page according to the times listed in the Southeastern District Player Development Handbook provided to each player at check-in.

2022 Sunday Game Selections


Check In 9:30 AM
Game Time 10:30 AM

Goalie WHITE-22
Goalie NAVY-41
Goalie GOLD-61
Goalie GOLD-62

Forward RED-12
Forward RED-13
Forward RED-14
Forward RED-15
Forward RED-17
Forward WHITE-30
Forward WHITE-33
Forward WHITE-38
Forward WHITE-39
Forward WHITE-40
Forward NAVY-49
Forward NAVY-50
Forward NAVY-51
Forward NAVY-53
Forward NAVY-55
Forward NAVY-58
Forward NAVY-60
Forward GOLD-70
Forward GOLD-71
Forward GOLD-72
Forward GOLD-73
Forward GOLD-76
Forward GOLD-78
Forward GOLD-79

Defense RED-4
Defense RED-6
Defense RED-7
Defense WHITE-25
Defense WHITE-27
Defense WHITE-28
Defense NAVY-44
Defense NAVY-46
Defense NAVY-48
Defense GOLD-64
Defense GOLD-66
Defense GOLD-68


Check In 8:00 AM
Game Time 9:00 AM

Goalie GOLD-2
Goalie WHITE-41
Goalie NAVY-61
Goalie NAVY-62

Forward GOLD-9
Forward GOLD-11
Forward GOLD-12
Forward GOLD-15
Forward GOLD-16
Forward GOLD-18
Forward RED-29
Forward RED-31
Forward RED-32
Forward RED-33
Forward RED-34
Forward RED-35
Forward RED-37
Forward WHITE-50
Forward WHITE-53
Forward WHITE-55
Forward WHITE-57
Forward WHITE-58
Forward WHITE-59
Forward WHITE-60
Forward NAVY-74
Forward NAVY-76
Forward NAVY-77
Forward NAVY-79

Defense GOLD-5
Defense GOLD-6
Defense GOLD-7
Defense RED-25
Defense RED-28
Defense WHITE-44
Defense WHITE-46
Defense WHITE-47
Defense WHITE-48
Defense NAVY-64
Defense NAVY-66
Defense NAVY-68


Check In 7:00 AM
Game Time 8:00 AM

Goalie NAVY-2
Goalie GOLD-22
Goalie RED-41
Goalie WHITE-61

Forward NAVY-9
Forward NAVY-10
Forward NAVY-11
Forward NAVY-12
Forward NAVY-13
Forward NAVY-14
Forward NAVY-15
Forward GOLD-29
Forward GOLD-30
Forward GOLD-31
Forward GOLD-32
Forward GOLD-33
Forward GOLD-34
Forward RED-49
Forward RED-52
Forward RED-53
Forward RED-54
Forward RED-55
Forward WHITE-69
Forward WHITE-70
Forward WHITE-71
Forward WHITE-72
Forward WHITE-75
Forward WHITE-77

Defense NAVY-3
Defense NAVY-4
Defense NAVY-5
Defense NAVY-7
Defense GOLD-23
Defense GOLD-24
Defense GOLD-26
Defense RED-44
Defense RED-45
Defense RED-47
Defense WHITE-63
Defense WHITE-64