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Youth Hockey

American Development Model

The American Development Model (ADM) provides age appropriate guidelines and cirriculum to hockey associations to help more kids play, love and excel in hockey. Brought to you by USA Hockey, in partnership with the NHL.

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Train Your Brain. Dominate the Ice. The Hockey IntelliGym™ is a revolutionary, software-based training tool that develops players' hockey sense: the perception and decision making skills necessary to stay one step ahead of the puck and the game.

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2 and 2 Challenge

The 2 and 2 Challenge guides youth hockey leadership through national programs and tools to achieve their growth goals. To complete the 2 and 2 Challenge, participating associations will utilize programs that emphasize the main driving forces of growth—Retention, Acquisition & Conversion.

Associations that accept the 2 and 2 Challenge and participate in national growth programs, will be rewarded with starter equipment and be recognized for their efforts. To learn more, open the 2 and 2 Challenge guidebook.

Visit the 2 and 2 Challenge Website