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The Consent for Treat is required for all coaches, managers and players on national bound teams. The National Tournament Committee requires this form for teams attending district or national tournaments.

USA Hockey Credentials Requirements

  1. Official Team Roster (1-T) approved by the team's USA Hockey Associate Registrar.
  2. Sanctioned game score sheets, arranged chronologically from the first game on, to be used to verify team and player eligibility under the 20/10, 14/10 or 10/5 game rule.
  3. High School Varsity Division and/or Prep School Divisions only - Team Eligibility Declaration signed by the Head Coach and proof of high school enrollment for each player.
  4. A completed, signed Consent to Treat form for all coaches, managers and players.

If a 20/10, 14/10 or 10/5 waiver was issued to a team or a player, a copy of the approved waiver from David Polk, Southeastern District Registrar, must be provided.

20/10, 14/10 or 10/5 Game Rule - Each team must have competed as a team unit in at least 20 games for Youth teams, at least 14 games for Girls/Women's and at least 10 games for High School teams after the approval date of the team roster and each player must have played in at least 10 games for Youth and Girls'/Women's teams and at least 5 games for High School teams. Teams formed and approved prior to the September 1 season start date may have games played in August counted toward fulfilling the 20/10, 14/10 and 10/5 requirement with the approval of the District Registrar.