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Invitational Tournament Sanction

To sanction an Invitational Tournament, complete the Invitational Tournament Application, attach a copy of the tournament rules, proof of Insurance (if required) and a check payable to USA Hockey in the amount of $250 and mail to :

David Polk
Southeastern District Registrar
P.O. Box 15158
Surfside Beach, SC 29587

All invitational tournaments are required to verify that all participating teams are properly registered with USA Hockey or their country’s federation. A USA Hockey Official Team Registration/Roster Form (1-T) approved by the District or Associate Registrar shall be proof of proper registration and individual player age. It is your responsibility to verify whether an event is “sanctioned,” BEFORE you participate in that event or activity.

Sanctioning and Special Events

An on ice “sanctioned event or activity” is one which: is played under the Playing Rules of USA Hockey; has all members (players and coaches) properly registered; and is officiated by properly registered and certified USA Hockey officials. All normal ice hockey-related activities, such as games, practices and scrimmages, between properly registered USA hockey teams are automatically sanctioned. A Special Event Sanction Form is required for any on or off ice activity against non-registered teams. Special Event Sanction forms for on ice activities must be signed by the appropriate Southeastern District Associate Registrar listed below.

All OFF-ICE events such as fundraisers or community service events are sanctioned by the District Risk Manager. To sanction your off-ice event, complete the Special Events Sanction form, attach a description of your event and forward to Skip Williams, 2421 Piney Grove Church Rd., Knoxville, TN 27921, for approval.

All properly registered players , coaches and officials are covered while participating in a USA Hockey “sanctioned event” or activity, which includes USA Hockey tournaments. If a tournament is not a USA Hockey “sanctioned event;” there is no coverage in effect from USA Hockey’s insurance.

Grow the Game and Try Hockey for Free

Grow the Game events such as "Try Hockey for Free" can be sanctioned as USA Hockey events with the approval of the District Registrar or his/her designee. The steps to process and guidelines for consideration are:

  • Each participant is required to wear gloves (of any kind) and a helmet.
  • Completed IMR/Waiver* required for each participant.
  • Properly registered, certified coaches required to be on-ice.

Southeastern District Associate Registrars

District of Columbia, Maryland
Bob Otte
13446 Chris Mar Court
Highland, MD 20777

Beth Lenz
10611 Vickers Drive
Vienna, VA 2218

North Carolina, South Carolina
Jessica Westphal
145 Cattail Circle
St. Johns, FL 32259

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
David Polk
570 Clearwater Place
Lawrenceville, GA, 30044

Cindy Friedman
8634 NW 59th Place
Parkland, FL 33067


Definition of a Game:

An ice hockey game is a match played against another team which is registered with USA Hockey or a member organization of the IIHF. USA Hockey playing rules or approved modification thereof shall apply. 

Registered USA Hockey ice hockey teams shall not participate in games against non-registered teams without prior written approval of the District Registrar. Violations of this rule shall subject the team to suspension by the appropriate Affiliate.

Games between USA Hockey teams and non USA Hockey teams (i.e. Federation High School) shall be allowed when the game is sanctioned by USA Hockey. For example, when a Federation High School team plays a USA Hockey team the game must be sanctioned by the District Registrar. Sanctioning requires the USA Hockey team to complete the Special Events Sanction form prior to the game and that it be sent to the District Registrar for approval. It is highly recommended that all games requiring sanctioning be requested prior to the season. Any games requiring sanctioning after the initial request must be requested as soon as they are scheduled to allow time for USA Hockey to sanction the game. USA Hockey teams shall be limited to a total six (6) such games during the current season.

Invitational Tournaments

Definition of a Tournament:

Ice hockey competition, other than normally scheduled league or exhibition games, where three or more legally registered teams compete within a specified time frame for the purpose of declaring a champion. This shall include gatherings consisting of more than three (3) teams, except Association Exchanges (limited to two (2) Associations), even though there are no winners declared.

All invitational ice hockey tournaments that involve USA Hockey registered teams and/or another amateur hockey federation or association must receive the sanction of the appropriate registrar for the district where the tournament will be held.

The conditions for sanction of an ice hockey tournament are as follows:

  • Written application on the official USA Hockey Invitational Tournament Application form must be submitted to the appropriate registrar for the district where the tournament will be held.
  • The appropriate registrar, with the approval of the applicant’s affiliate association, may issue a sanction where no exceptions to USA Hockey rules and regulations are involved.
  • Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the full rules, regulations, and the complete procedures of the tournament. Where a tournament desires to use exceptions to the rules and regulations of USA Hockey, such exceptions must be approved in advance by the appropriate registrar and the host affiliate association.
  • Only USA Hockey registered referees may officiate tournament games, unless specifically approved otherwise.
  • Only USA Hockey playing rules and age divisions may be used in tournament play, unless specifically approved otherwise.

The sanction fees listed below for invitational tournaments must be complied with.

  • USA Hockey teams only - $50.00
  • USA Hockey and another federation - $75.00

Invitational tournaments shall be prohibited from being held within 100 miles of, and on the same weekend as a USA Hockey National Championship.

The Tournament Director, as identified on the Invitational Tournament Application, is required to verify that all participating teams are properly registered with USA Hockey. A USA Hockey player roster form (1-T) approved by the District or Associate Registrar shall be proof of proper registration and individual player age. Invitational Tournaments shall not require player birth certificates for review. Travel Permits are required for all Non-USA Hockey teams, and any team from an Affiliate requiring Travel Permits.

Additional Rules and Regulations regarding Invitational Tournament sanctioning are found in the USA Hockey Annual Guide, Rules and Regulations, VIII. Games, Exhibition Games, Invitational Tournaments and Sanctioned Leagues and Sanctioned Events.