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Member Registration

Member Number

Participants receive a current year confirmation number during Online Registration. Participants need to provide that confirmation number to their local USA Hockey Association to complete their registration with USA Hockey. It’s easy to get a reprint of an online registration confirmation page – go to, click Register Online and then on the button that says ‘Request an Additional Confirmation Page’. Players and coaches will receive an email when their registration is processed through an association’s software. This email will include their current season registration number and can be used as proof of current registration.

Member Types

There are four (4) basic member types used by the Registry to process members: Player, Coach, Manager and Volunteer. Members may be further categorized by any combination of the 4 basic types.

The Player (P) member type is used for any youth or adult member in your association who will be playing ice hockey.

The Coach (C) member type is used for any person registering as a coach in your association.

The Manager (M) member type is used for registering a person who is not playing or coaching but needs to be on an Official Team Roster. A manager acts as the custodian for team documents other non coaching team functions. There is no registration fee charged for a manager.

The Volunteer (V) member type has been provided as a means to track individuals in your database who are not registered members of USA Hockey. There is no registration fee charged for a volunteer.

Managers and Volunteers can register online at no charge. This registration does not allow on-ice participation. The confirmation number is required for SafeSport Training which is available at no charge.

Manager/Volunteer confirmation numbers are different from Coach/Player numbers – there are 2 X’s after the 9 numbers. Manager Volunteer Confirmation numbers cannot be transmitted as Players or Coaches. However, if you have a Manager or Volunteer who is registered as a Player or Coach in another program, you can use their Player/Coach confirmation number and transmit it as an M or V through your Program.